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ULV Fogger

We are the best disinfecting company in the country.
Our Vision

ULV Fogger

Our disinfectant is sprayed through our top of the line
Vectorfog 150 plus machine that aerosolizes it so it can coat the air and all surfaces , including the ceiling, seats, trays, floors, lavatories, kitchen, Windows, walls, and so on. The disinfectant sticks to surfaces as soon as it’s applied. The spray is “highly effective against many communicable diseases, including coronaviruses.
Our fogging services get deep into those crevices and hard-toreach places to eliminate dirt, germs, and bacteria leaving you
with a healthier, cleaner home, or business. Not only does fogging leave you with cleaner, safer home, it also helps eliminates odors! The benefits of professional fogging services are endless, and we guarantee that you’ll want to add fogging to your cleaning routine.

Conventional Sprayers

Conventional sprayers reach insects less effectively than ULV technology. This is because conventional sprayers spray larger droplet sizes in between 100-200 microns, which don’t fully cover the whole area being sprayed. Apart from the droplet size they produce, manual sprayers can be very time consuming and labor intensive. Although motorized versions spray quicker, these are not suitable for indoor use, as they leave surfaces very wet and produce exhaust gases. Manual sprayers are ideal when you need to spray close, in places such as patio areas and gardens.

H-Series Thermal Fogging

Thermal Fogging heats up pesticides or disinfectants mixed with oil producing a very dense and visible fog formed of droplets of around 10 microns in size. Thermal fogging is ideal for exterior use to disinfect, combat vector carriers and pests. This method of fogging is not suitable for applying in closed indoor spaces due to the exhaust gases they produce. Vector Fog has begun to manufacture a dual function thermal fogger that
can also fog water-based solutions.

C-Series ULV Fogging

ULV Fogging works by compressing pesticides or disinfectants through a specially designed nozzle, producing a fine cold mist or aerosol. Electric portable versions are particularly ideal for indoor applications as they don’t produce exhaust gases and are less noisy. These ULV fogging machines can apply both oil and water-based solutions.




(833) 459 1122

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(833) 459 1122


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